Surfboard Volume Calculator
Find your ideal volume to weight for your next Surfboard

Our interactive surfboard volume graphs will help you to determine the best volume (in liters) by factoring your fitness level and weight/height.

1. Your body weight is listed below and can be used to calculate your perfect flotation for your next surfboard.
2. Next on the graph is your “GF” GUILD FACTOR number. Please see below for suggestions on how this is determined.

What GF number are you?  
-Advanced, extremely fit, high performance surfers: .34GF to .36GF. 
-Typical fitness with average, to above average skills: .36gf to .38gf  
-Domesticated, lower fitness, desk jobs, and weekend surfers: .38gf to .42gf  
-Novice/ Beginner surfers, or surfers with an extremely small swell, thick wetsuits, or below average conditions: .40gf to .50gf (depending on age, ability and motivation)

If you’re surfing in warm water and good waves, the lower end of the scale is recommended. If you’re surfing in poor conditions, looking for help in crowds, or wearing thick wetsuits, pick the higher end of the range that you fall into.

More about GF (Guild Factor) GF measures the ratio between the surfer’s body weight and the volume (in cubic liters) of a surfboard. The GF number is the percentage of volume (floatation) to body weight. If a surfer knows the volume of his/her favorite board, or a board that feels too buoyant or not buoyant enough, use the chart to guide him/her in a better direction. Overall, this is another tool to make things easier when choosing a surfboard. Nothing is set in stone. More importantly, the surfer needs to use what feels best to him/her.

Weight (Lbs)                                    GF (Guild Factor)                            Liters

120                                                 Novice .4- .5                                    28

120                                                 Average .36 - .38                             23

120                                                 Fit .34 - .36                                      16

130                                                 Novice                                             30

130                                                 Average                                           25

130                                                 Fit                                                    18

140                                                 Novice                                             33   

140                                                 Average                                           26

140                                                 Fit                                                   20

150                                                 Novice                                            35

150                                                 Average                                          28

150                                                 Fit                                                   21

160                                                 Novice                                            36

160                                                 Average                                          29

160                                                 Fit                                                    22

170                                                 Novice                                             39

170                                                 Average                                           31

170                                                  Fit                                                   23

180                                                 Novice                                             41

180                                                 Average                                           32

180                                                 Fit                                                    25 

190                                                 Novice                                             42  

190                                                 Average                                           34

190                                                 Fit                                                    26

200                                                Novice                                             45  

200                                                Average                                           36

200                                                Fit                                                    27



Volume is important why?  First off, it will tell you how big the boards are as the volume is how buoyant the board will be and how well it will float with your weight.  A higher board will help float you out of the water, less drag body will make while paddling, and the faster you will be able to go.  Ideally, the correct volume helps you paddle faster, which helps you get more waves to enjoy!  Volume is important as is weight of the surfer.  A heavier surfer needs more volume to float obviously, and we use the VOLUME TO WEIGHT RATIO to help.  The higher the number, the smaller the board.

Volume to Weight Ratio =  Weight of the Surfer / Volume of the Board

                                       Height                Weight           Volume     Volume/Weight

Kelly Slater                        5'9                    160lbs              24L               6.6lbs

Mick Fanning                    5'10                   165lbs              26.3L            6.3lbs    

Harley Ingleby                  6'2                     188lbs              65.3L            2.9lbs   


Why is this information helpful?  If a board is too small in comparison to the surfer's weight, the board will paddle slow, catch waves late, bog down in turns, and just make your surfing look awful.  Plus, surfers will get upset you wasted a good swell.  On the other hand, too big of a board really only has one downside.  Poor technique on a board that is too big for the Surfer's weight means harder to torque the board around using your upper body.  Use this in deciding to rent, ride, or buy your next Board.  Find the Board that fits you, your comfort level, fitness type, motivation, and integrity.  Keep in mind when choosing between 2 boards, always take the bigger board!


Average Volume in Liters for BOARDS

To determine the perfect FLOTATION for your next Board ride, rental, or purchase!